All you need is a Turkish Towel

An authentic, cotton weave Orientina PeshtemalTurkish Towel, also known as Peshtemal, is a thinner alternative to terry towel. It was created with a the intent of taking a lighter towel to the Hamam. Although it's up to 4 times lighter, Peshtemal soaks water as much as a bath towel, dries in no time. It does not take up undue space in your drawer. It's soft and rolls up nicely, making it perfect for the park or the beach. Some of our customers think that the peshtemal is also a great shawl. Others use it as a sofa cover or even as a tablecloth. 


An authentic Peshtemal hand loom Our Peshtemals are woven in the old ways in an authentic manner to its origins. They owe their absorbency to the Turkish cotton used in their fabric. The nature of the fibre of this special cotton allows us to weave the thinnest, the lightest and the most absorbent towels ever.