About Us

La Grand Piscine de Brousse Jean-Léon Gérôme, 1885  

We are a group of artisans, artists and designers who love good design and products with a soul and a story to tell. We provide top quality peshtemal towels and bathing products carrying the heritage of Istanbul hammam tradition for people who value authenticity. Using only highest quality natural ingredients we offer the ultimate bathing experience.
Mengi / Owner, Designer
I love good design. Once you strip our bath products from all the historical background what is left is simply good design. These products were refined by master craftsmen on a quest for perfection for centuries.
Can / Owner, Designer, Photographer
When a design completes its evolution it becomes a classic. A classics originality deserves respect. If you play a Mozart melody with a midi synthesizer, it no longer feels the same. We craft our products in classic way, loyal to its tradition.
Melda / Curator, Designer
The bath has always been more than a bath in Oriental culture. Hammam is a place of socialization. There is always conversation, entertainment, bachelorette parties and even baby showers. I think this cultural wealth is at the core of Orientina.
Huma / Designer, Dying Specialist, Weaver
Since I was little I was always mesmerized by the mysterious world of colors. I am a painter and a color expert. The special color recipes I prepare from natural plant pigments give Orientina creations their unique appearance.
Jade / Thread Specialist
My work is with the threads. I find and collect the highest quality natural cotton linen and silk produced that year from local producers. From these natural fibers I prepare the yarn mixes that give the Orientina peshtemals their quality.
Zeynep / Chief Weaver
My work is patience. I am the chief viewer at Orientina. The essential element that gives our products beauty is mastery in the weaving process. My work requires devotion but when you see the final product you know it was all worth it.
Tulay / Weaver
I love weaving. I love all the sounds filling the air in the workshop made by weaving looms make while working. I love watching the weaving loom moving back and forth, forming the cloth thread by thread. I somehow find this meditative.
Laila / Weaver
I suppose weaving is a way of communicating with people and touching their lives in some way. It’s wonderful that the final product becomes a part of someone’s life on the other side of the world.
Zeliha / Tailor
I like improvisation. Doing the same thing and repeating myself is not for me. That’s why I keep trying new things both in my personal life and in my work. I’m a tailor and responsible for the creation of the bathrobe collection for Orientina.
Shu Shu / Batt Mitt Maker
I create the bath mitts of Orientina. A batt mitt is one of the bath products that needs special care to choose. Since the product comes to close contact with the skin the material used has to be all natural.
Uran / Owner, Shipper, Designer
I'm passionate about design, music making and video editing and sometimes that comes in handy for advertising. I'm responsible for customer satisfaction with our shipments.