The Art of Bathing

Femmes Au Bain by Gerome

Femmes Au Bain, Jean-Léon Gérôme, 1890 

Cleanliness has a major role in Istanbul culture. For this reason throughout history Istanbul has gone further than any other city of the world in building bathhouses. The structures called hammam, rooted in the Roman, Byzantine and Turkish bathhouses, are wonders of architecture, functionality and aesthetics. The hammam concept encompasses both bodily and spiritual cleansing and purification. Most neighborhoods in Istanbul have a local hammam which are also places where local communities come together to socialize and celebrate occasions such as marriage, birth and many more.

Hammam offers a magnificent bathing experience both with the special dome shaped architectural structure that perfectly preserves heat and humidity and the original bath products. The peshtemal towels for example, originated from the need for a lighter towel to carry alongside to the hammam. Up to four times lighter and thinner than a regular towel they absorb way more water as well. This feature of the peshtemal comes from the pure natural Turkish cotton and the special weaving technique used in their production.

Hammam bath products are the best in their category. As a result of centuries of cultural and intellectual accumulation of knowledge the products have taken their ultimate shape becoming classics in their own right.

Although products that are mass-produced are leaders in the market, we believe that hammam bath products should be produced in accordance with the tradition. That is from all natural ingredients and by the hands of skilled craftsmen…

Just the way we do here at Orientina. The way it should be…